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New Smoking Policy |

New Smoking Policy

The school has adopted a new smoking policy. Students and parents need to be aware of the new policy, as enforcement will being in January, 2016, after we return from the Christmas Break. The policy was developed in consultation with the RCMP, Alberta Health Services, staff, School Council, Keyano College and provincial legislation. Here is the policy:

Student Smoking Policy

The Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act, 2005  restricts smoking and access to tobacco products to persons 18 years of age or older. Composite High students who are 18 years of age or older may smoke off of school property, in Keyano-designated areas if they choose. No student may smoke on school property at any time, including vehicles.

Minor students may not be in possession of, or smoke at any time within visual sight of the school during school hours, before or after school, or at school-sponsored events, including vehicles. This ban follows the regular extent of school jurisdiction regarding other matters of student conduct. Minor students may not be in possession of tobacco or related products in the school. Students who are suspected of possessing these products are subject to search and seizure of the products. Students are encouraged to participate in the smoking cessation programs available through the school, offered by AHS addictions counsellors. Students who wish to attain smoking cessation products such as gum or patches, may do so at their own volition and risk.

Minor students, who possess tobacco products in school, or engage in smoking within visual sight of the school, or in vehicles within sight of the school are subject to the following:

                1st Offence: Suspension from school. Minimum 1 day

                2nd Offence: 3-day suspension from school.

3d Offence: 5-day suspension from school with a possible recommendation for expulsion to the School Board.

Minor students who engage in smoking or possess tobacco products are also subject to enforcement action from the RCMP, who will be monitoring student activity starting January, 2016. RCMP enforcement may be in conjunction with any school-related actions as well.  RCMP enforcement may involve confiscation of products, fines, or arrest. Students who are of legal age, but encourage or aid minor students who are engaging in these illegal activities are subject to the same discipline as listed above.