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New Personal Electronic Devices Policy |

New Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Our school has adopted a new, revised policy regarding Personal Electronic Devices . Students and parents need to be aware of the policies as enforcement will begin in January, 2016 when we return from the Christmas break. This policy was developed in consultation with District Executive, School Council reps, staff, parents and students. Here is the policy: 

Personal Electronic Device Policy, Effective January 4, 2016

Composite High School recognizes that Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) are integrated into the lives of our students. We encourage the use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) in our school but must limit their use to educational purposes only, during class time and breaks. (The presence of so many cell phones in the event of a real school emergency can be detrimental to emergency procedures as well.) We also recognize that PED’s can, and have been used to set up fights, cyberbully, contact other students in class, post to social media, record conversations with staff, and a host of other inappropriate uses. In cases where devices have been used inappropriately, or illegally, the school does have the right to confiscate and search devices with probable cause, and look for specific records contained in the device related to the reason for the search. Students and parents should know that when students walk through the doors of the school, these devices can be searched to conduct an investigation. In the event of an emergency, the school phones are always available to contact students, as they have always been. Parents should be supportive of the schools attempts to maintain the integrity of the learning environment by refraining from contacting their children via PED’s during the school day, including breaks. Parents who contact their children during class time put their children at risk of violating school policy. Students may use school and classroom phones when absolutely necessary, with the permission of school staff. 

Students are allowed to bring their devices to school. If they do so, they, along with their parents, accept the following guidelines and consequences:

1) Students are responsible for their PED’s safety, proper use and security.

2) Students are to use the devices as directed by the staff for educational purposes only, except during lunch break.

3) Students are to turn the devices off between the hours of 8:40 (first bell) and 3:15 (except lunch break).

4) Students who come late to school are to turn off the devices when they enter the school. Students leaving school early are not to turn their devices on until they leave school property.

5) Grade 12’s on spares must receive permission from a staff member to use their devices.

6) Students are not to record any activities in the school during the school day.

7) Students are allowed to use their devices at lunch time, but not breaks.

8) Students will relinquish the device when in violation of the policy.

Classroom teachers and other staff have discretion to direct students to use their devices under the following guidelines:

                1) For educational purposes.

                2) To help students to focus and escape distractions.

Students who use their devices in violation of the above policy, are subject to the following procedures:

                1st Offences: Confiscation of the device for a half-day. The device will be returned either at lunch time, or end of the day.

                2nd Offence: Confiscation of the device for a full day. Call to parent will be made, reminding of the policy.

                3d Offence: Confiscation of the device for a full day, parent must come in to retrieve the device.

                4th Offence: Suspension from school. Parent meeting

Students who refuse to hand over the device after being caught in violation of the policy will be suspended immediately from school. Classroom staff may confiscate the PED for the class, then turn it in to the office, to be kept in the principal’s office until it is returned. Classroom staff will keep the devices on their desks until turned in to the office .Confiscation outside the classroom will result in the devices being brought directly to the principal’s office for safekeeping.

We hope that this policy will minimize the disruption to the school and help focus students on their future.